Privacy Resources & Tools

Analyze Words
Personality analysis from words in twitter text. This application is designed to 
delve into the way people write and what their tweeting reveals about their inner 
self. Produced by Pennebaker Conglomerates Inc.

Websites can use our digital footprints to learn more about us. is 
a service where you can check just what information it's possible to gather from 
your system, just by visiting a website.

CaliOpen, Be Safe
CaliOpen is secure, free, and open software interface that allows users private 
communication across their devices.

Consumer Opt-Out  
This website allows a user to view which NAI members use your personal cookies 
for Interest-Based advertising, descriptions of these members, as well as the 
option to opt-out of some or all of these advertisements.

DataCoup - Reclaim Your Personal Data
Datacoup is the only service that allows a user to sell their own online personal 
data to companies for real cash. (USA only since March 2015).

DETEKT | Resist Surveillance
Detekt is a free tool that scans your Windows computer for traces of commercial 
surveillance spyware that has been identified to be also used to target and 
monitor human rights defenders and journalists around the world. 
Electronic Frontier Foundation.
Disconnect is a browser add-on that allows a user to block trackers and search 

Facebook Page Unliker
A simple online tool that allows for mass unliking of Facebook pages linked to 
one’s account.

Ghostery is a browser add-on which shows the trackers that are embedded in any 
given webpage, and allows a user to block ones they believe are harmful.

Ghosts is a simple game (web or browser add-on) that allows web-users to see how 
their personal information and online activity is being collected and used by 
trackers on any webpage. In Ghosts, trackers appear as little ghosts which users 
can chase and defeat.

Lightbeam for Firefox
Mozilla Modues 
Lightbeam is an add-on for Firefox that allows you to do what first sites and 
third-party you interact on the Web. It shows the relationships between these 
third parties and the sites you visit.

PaP Machine | The Passive Aggressive Password Machine 
The PaP Machine is honest about the strength of any entered password; sometimes, 
too honest.

PrivacyGrade | Carnegie Mellon University
The work of a team of researchers, PrivacyGrade assigns a letter grade to popular 
Android apps based on several techniques to measure the strength of its privacy.

How Much Is Your Personal Data Worth?
Interactive calculator by Financial Times that allows a user to input different 
factors of their personal information to deduce how much a user’s data is 
approximately worth. Interactive from Financial Times.(12 June 2014). 
E. Steel, C. Locke, E. Cadman, and B Freese 

How Well Do You Know Your Online Life?
A quiz based on how much you, personally, use Facebook. Uses your Facebook data 
to run.

Terms of Service: Didn’t Read
A user rights initiative to rate and label website terms & privacy policies, from 
very good Class A to very bad Class E.

DuckDuckGo - The Anti-tracking and private version of the Google search engine.

Digital Advertising Alliance 
You can opt out of online interest-based advertising 

Time Out
Mark's Yoga take a break from your computer 
The quiet place project, to take a moment away from all your notifications.

Lets you make a fake temporary fully working email address.

Creative Commons 
Creative licences on content you create for free! It let's you choose from six 
combinations of licences, depending on what you want to be shared or not. 
You'll get credit for your work and let other people spread it around 
It's a win-win! There's a video on the site explaining how it works.

Shed time off of long sign ups on several websites

AntBar Video Downloader 
(Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer) 
AntBar Video Downloader allows you to download in .flv format almost any 
(if not any) streamed media from youtube and many other websites. 
VLC player will allow you to play these .flv's and any other file format.

VLC Player is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and 
framework that plays most multimedia files as well as DVD, Audio CD, VCD, and 
various streaming protocols.

A giant computable knowledge engine that helps you with basically everything, 
ask it! 
Formalized course for learning code. 
Simple online compiler/interpreter, and collaboration tool for all code. 
Another simple online compiler/interpreter, and collaboration tool for all code. 
Yet another simple online compiler/interpreter, and collaboration tool for all 
code that runs off an external server with the appropriate operating system for 
each environment.

The best word editing/proofing tool you could ever ask for, seriously try it! :)

A large list of resources including Crash Course and website blocking 
(you know, for when you get distracted while studying for finals).

The Anti-tracking and private search engine.